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Youths   Ages 14-18


This age group at the moment are included in our Nipper group. This is because we are a relatively new club and all of our members are still progressing through the Nipper Pathway programme regardless of their age, but they are split into groups based on ability. We have, thanks to receiving recent funding, been able to purchase transition boards which are being very warmly received by our older children. Its not just school shoes and uniforms that they grow out of...

So, you may fit into this age group but have never done any Surf Life Saving before. That's no problem!


You don't need to be able to surf or to have any experience. You can be a complete novice - even be a little unsure of the water. But that's what Surf life saving is all about - building confidence and competence.


Understanding the beach environment is key to enjoying it to the full; and knowing what the tides are doing, how to recognise a rip (and know what to do if caught in one) could save your life. Living by the sea is amazing and the beach is a great place to hang out with your friends but why not do more with it? Learn some great skills, potentially train to become a lifeguard or represent your club in competitions?

Seniors   Ages 18-30


We are awaiting the results from our survey at the moment to see if we can offer a session for this age group. If you are interested drop us a line on the 'visit us' page.

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