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Nippers Ages 7-13

In the Nippers group, activities are mostly sea-focussed although there are still some beach games that are undertaken to improve fitness and agility, also to reinforce certain lifeguard theory elements through fun.


Prior to every session, full risk assessments are undertaken to determine the sea conditions, positions of rips, and to remind children of the shore flag/hand signals in advance of going into the water.


Sessions promote sea and beach safety with instruction on wave types and tides. Water activities such as board paddling, wading, and body surfing are taught as well as other water confidence, surf life saving skills and basic first aid.


We have a range of swimming abilities at our club and welcome all children. We will carry out a basic swim assessment on their first session just so that we can ensure that they are in the correct nipper group to suit their skills and abilities. 

All sessions are run by experienced sports coaches and qualified lifeguards are present at every session. All session officials are DBS checked and the club operates under the strict safeguarding and child protection policy as approved by SLSGB. (see documents page for pdf. version of the policy).


Mullion SLSC requires that one parent / responsible adult remains on the beach during the session. 

The children will have continual assessment showing their progress and surf life saving journey and will gain awards in Surf Safety. There are a number of regional and national competitions to participate in if  they wish to but if they are just here for the surf, the fun and to build their confidence that's fine by us.


The summer sessions run May – September on Friday Evenings 6pm-8pm at Poldhu beach. Please arrive a little earlier to allow time to read the notice board which will identify session leaders and First Aiders. This is also time for registration. Your child will be issued with a swimming coloured swim cap which they must keep on throughout the session. 


It sometimes happens that a child gets too cold, or wishes to leave the session before the end. They must be signed out to a parent/ responsible adult at this point. Children must remain in their group (or at the shoreline with the First Aider if there is no parent present.

Children should wear a full length wetsuit and we also recommend surf boots.

Warm clothes, a snack and a drink would be much appreciated by your child at the end of a session.

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