Mullion SLSC would be delighted to have you join us but perhaps you feel that you need to know a bit more about what's involved before you sign up. If so, you may find the website page 'what is Surf Life Saving' useful.

Admissions Policy and Waiting list

It is very important to us that Mullion SLSC serves its local community and our admissions policy reflects this ethos. Our process of allocation is prioritised as follows:-

  1. Immediate relative of an existing SLSGB coach/ lifeguard

  2. Not a member of another Surf Lifesaving Club

  3. Sibling of a child who is already a member

  4. Living in Mullion or attending Mullion Primary or Mullion Secondary school

  5. Living in neighbouring parishes such as Cury, Landewednack.

If you do not meet the above allocation criteria, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will not be accepted, it is just that priority will be given to those who can. You can still apply to be added to our waiting list but it may be that others are seemingly being accepted before you. Please note: It is your responsibility to keep your email contact address up to date. If you do not respond to emails sent regarding the waiting list, you will be removed.

Similarly, even if you do meet the criteria, we can only allocate spaces in accordance with the number limits as prescribed by  SLSGB, The National Trust, and in accordance with our own safety parameters. If we accept too many children, without sufficient coaches, lifeguards, water cover and first aiders, sessions will fall short of Mullion SLSC stringent safety standards. This means that we cannot overcrowd sessions and we must stay within safe number limits. As a result of this, you may have to be added to our waiting list but changes often occur with people moving away etc and spaces become available so if you would like to be added to our waiting list, please complete the form at 


This will be checked periodically as it does not notify us when you submit the form, then you will be added to our waiting list.

Taster Sessions

Perhaps you would like to 'try before you buy'? That's no problem. SLSGB provide us with an insurance cover that offers you three free taster sessions that you are welcome to use to see if you enjoy the sessions before committing. For the taster sessions, please fill in the 'Par Q' medical form  and print out and bring with you before the session.


Please read the information below and then complete the forms. Please print out and bring hard copy with you to session. For the full membership medical questionnaire, there are two documents, one is an information sheet and the other is the actual questionnaire



Mullion Surf Lifesaving Club is affiliated to our governing body, SLSGB. Membership payments are collected by the club, covering membership of SLSGB (essential for insurance and other aspects ) and of our club. Membership is always until 31st December of the year of membership and must be current to continue attending. The cost is currently £33 for membership from September to December and £55 for the full year.

Costs for the pool sessions are paid separately and will be communicated with members directly.

If you have any other membership enquiries, please contact Dave Musk, membership secretary at....