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'Masters' has a rather grand sound to it, doesn't it? Connotations of achievement...; gravitas...; skill...; mastering a craft..., an artist even...? Not in Surf Life Saving! Here, you can be a complete novice and still be a 'Master'. That is because this rather erudite title is based purely on your age. If you have achieved 30 years, you have become A....Master!

Last year, we ran a Masters session on a Monday night. This is for the adults to develop their own skills and abilities in a range of disciplines such as Open Water Swimming, stamina training, life saving skills, rescue board skills and a great way to have fun and keep fit. As with all organised sessions, there is a lifeguard present who will undertake the standard risk assessments and study of the sea conditions before the sessions commences.ills.

It is not surfing - nor do you have to have any experience. Just come and play in the sea!

It doesn't need to just be about fun though - use it as a way to build up your fitness levels and perhaps we'll see you in the next regional or national competitions. Some are even international.

Many Mullion SLSC members do open water swimming events, biathlons and triathlons. Who knows where this will take you? If you are interested in a Master's session, let us know by sending an email on the 'visit us' page. We are very proud that many of our coaches and lifeguards, and even our Nippers have completed such events, have a look at our  'and in our spare time..,' page


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