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Helston Pool


Pool sessions are tailored to suit swimming ability so that each child feels that they are really getting as much as they can out of the session without it feeling too challenging.


Each group begins with a suitable warm up from 10-16 lengths. This builds stamina, endurance, strength, and cardio health. It is also a good opportunity for coaches to advise on technique.

Having a good technique really helps to improve efficiency in the pool, aligning body shape, keeping your head looking down, and managing your breathing all save energy and reduce tiredness.

The children may then practise diving, tumble turns and other swimming disciplines, or focus on life saving skills such as chin tows, rescuing mannequins, learning how to use the rescue tube and duck diving to retrieve items from the pool floor.

On pyjama day, all the children soon realised that trying to swim in clothes was exhausting but floating wasn't so bad! The message they took away from that was if you find yourself in water with your clothes on, just turn on your back and float!

All of these sessions continually improve water confidence and competence, stamina, strength and knowledge. Knowing how to keep calm and manage a situation in the water, and provide a physical and theoretical link between one beach season and the next.


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